Motivational Quotes About Positive Thinking With Images

Listed here are the attractive motivational quotes about positive thinking with images. Optimism gives you confidence. When you think positive you can overcome any hard situation in life. Being positive makes one be successful. This section contains lovely motivational quotes pictures, ecards wallpapers speaking about being optimistic. Make your dear friends and family be with positive thinking by sharing these beautiful motivational quotes pictures with them.

    You can channel your anger positively to gain high focus and concentration. You can also channel your anger negatively to create damage and destruction. Whichever way you do, always remember that it is your own doing – don’t blame anything on anger.

    When you are calm, you have nothing to lose. When you are angry, you have everything to lose. So always prefer being calm over being angry.

    The ability to be calm in volatile situations is one of the key personality traits of all successful people. But to be calm, you need to control your anger first.

    ANGER actually means Atrocity, Negativity, Grief, Exhaustion and Regret. Convert that ANGER into Assertiveness, Niceness, Goodness, Eagerness and Righteousness.

    The person who can enrage you in a jiffy, is the person you should be the most scared of.

    Nursing a rage and a fire in the belly to change the world to make it a better place to live is the best and only type of anger you should have.

    Excess salt may or may not give you blood pressure but an angry mind, bitter heart and revengeful soul definitely will.

    Given here is a lovely collection of motivational quotes about positive thinking for free sharing online. Always be yourself and have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and try to duplicate it. When you trust yourself, you feel confident. To be successful, you need to believe in yourself. Just scroll down and select and share the best pictures to your besties to motivate and inspire them for free.

    Don’t be under the impression that the louder you utter words in anger, the stronger you become. Anger exposes your fragility and shows your opponent that you are weak.

    If kicking the wall helps you extinguish your anger, do it. It is easier to repair a broken wall than to mend a broken relationship.

    Don’t get mad at other people to the extent that other people think you are mad.

    Just because you have money in your bank, you shouldn’t spend it all the time. Just because you have an emotion called anger in your heart, you shouldn’t use it all the time.

    Let anger bring about a revolution that can change your world, not destruction that devastates your world.

    Anger is one of the greatest tests of friendship. If your friend can tolerate your anger, you must be willing to tolerate anything for your friend.

    Whenever you are angry at someone – scribble furiously in your diary, hit the gym, count one to hundred, mediate or shout to the wall. Do anything you want to but don’t come face to face with the person who has made you angry.

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